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Ten Quick “On-The-Go” Whole30 Snacks

While eating full meals and avoiding processed food is always the best option on a Whole30, these ten Whole30 snacks can save you in a pinch!

Can you snack on Whole30

Snacking on Whole30 is not typically recommended, as it tends to fall in the “mindless eating” category.

However, having a snack or two on hand that is Whole30 compliant can, quite honestly, be the thing that makes or breaks your Whole30.

Let’s be real – life happens. Whether it’s your kids baseball game going into extra innings with the concession stand that only serves junk food, or your car broken down on the side of the road with two hour wait for a tow, some things are out of our control.

And I’d much rather you have one of these options on hand when life happens than sending your Whole30 down the tubes, amiright?

Some easy Whole30 snacks

Various whole30 snacks on kitchen counter

These days, we’re all busy.

I get it. I’m a mom, and I run two businesses. I manage to work in some meal prep and ingredient prep each week, but I also need quick things on hand to grab and go when I’m running from one thing to the next.

And if you’re reading this post, you likely need the same!

Below are some of my favorite go-to’s to make sure I always have healthy Whole30 snacks on hand.

Epic Bars

Epic bars

Epic started out with just their bars, but now they’ve moved on to pork rinds, lard, and a whole host of other options. As far as portable snacks, go, though, these are awesome.

Pro tip: they can be a little greasy, so keep it in the wrapper as you eat it! (*Note: Bison Bacon Cranberry contain brown sugar and are not W30 compliant. Read your ingredients, people!)

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs on white plate

Deviled eggs are just fancy hardboiled eggs. If you don’t feel like scooping yolks, whipping the filling, and repiping them into the eggs – just eat them hard-boiled.

I peel them ahead of time and bring them with me in a tupperware.

Lara Bars

Lara bars

There are lots and lots of flavors of Lara Bars, and not all are created equal. Some flavors are Whole30 “approved” and some are not.

Make sure you’re getting the Whole30 compliant ones – here’s a great guide if you’re not sure.

Cranberry Pistachio Figgy Pops

Figgy pops

Watch out for these-they are incredibly addictive. Depending on your own personal tastebuds, these could be considered a “trigger food.”

(Note: There are other flavors, but the Cranberry Pistachio are the only W30 compliant ones. Other flavors have added sweeteners and other non-compliant ingredients.)

Rx Bars

Rx bars

Again, make sure you’re not using these to quiet the sugar demon.

That being said, with egg whites and nuts, these offer protein and have a bit more substance than a Lara Bar – which will keep you fuller for longer.

Chomps Grass-Fed Meat Sticks

An all grass-fed meat stick with no added fillers or junk. If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, check there for these – they’ve had them at ours for $1.69 each, which is a great price!

If you can’t find Chomps, Amazon also has Nick’s Sticks, which are the same thing and W30 compliant.

Roasted nuts

roasted cashews

Cashews are my go to – did you know they’re also a mood booster?

You could also go for any other nut, just make sure it’s not roasted in non-compliant oils. And remember – peanuts aren’t nuts!

(They’re technically a legume, and fall in the “bean” category.)

DIY “Lara” Bars

date bars stacked on butcher paper

Lara bars are just dates and nuts, and whatever spices you want for flavoring. If you don’t want to pay the price of convenience, you can buy some dates, put them in your food processor, and make them yourself.

Try my Nutty Espresso Bars or my Sweet and Spicy Bars for some ideas!

Dang Coconut Chips

Dang coconut chips

Just make sure you get the ones without any added sugar – even coconut sugar is off limits for Whole30.

Dried fruit

dried Apricots

Be careful, because this can be a really easy way to quiet your sugar demon. That being said, as long as there’s no added sugar, it’s a great staple to have on hand in case of emergency.

A few dried apricots with a handful of cashews make the perfect sweet/salty combo.

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