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Who am I?

I’m Jessica, the blogger behind Paleo Scaleo. On this site, you’ll find recipes that are flavorful, healthy, and easy to make. New recipes are added every week, and I put a lot of experimentation and care into the creation of each unique recipe to make sure that you’ll never be disappointed with a recipe you make from me.

I don’t believe in strict diets, I believe in small, incremental changes towards a healthier lifestyle, that eventually become habits. Trust me – I’ve been there. And if I can do it, anyone can.

Canned Peas, Please

I used to hate vegetables.

Growing up, my family had a joke that the only green thing I would eat was mushy canned peas (except it wasn’t really a joke, because it was true). In college, I expanded my horizons to include sliced tomatoes drowned in ranch dressing at the cafeteria. Cereal was my favorite food, which I would consume in serving-bowl sized portions.

I’ve been eating (mostly) paleo for a few years now, and it changed my life. It made me healthier, but also happier and more confident in myself and my body. I’m not crazy-strict about it: I like my ice cream and my dark chocolate. But I’ve learned how my body reacts to different things, and learned how to keep it in check.

Now, on most days, you can find me making a complete mess in the kitchen. I love to cook, but cleaning as I go is not my strong suit.

Where to Start

The hardest part about going paleo for me was having the ingredients on hand.  I didn’t gather them all overnight. I stopped buying things at the store that weren’t on the paleo “list,” and discovered we didn’t really miss what we didn’t have. Know that in the beginning, there will be some pretty obscure stuff.

Here are a few basics I’d recommend reading over to help you get started:

What does “Scaleo” mean?

In CrossFit, there’s a prescribed weight, or Rx, for every workout. Often times these weights are fairly heavy, and are used as a guideline to help you “scale” the workout. So a scaled workout is the same workout, just scaled to fit you and your abilities. Because our needs “differ in degree, not kind.” A 25 year old and a 78 year old need the same things—just at different intensities.

That’s PaleoScaleo. It’s paleo eating, but scaled. A super-strict eating plan is not for me–I need flexibility. Denying ourselves things only makes us want them more. So I eat paleo most of the time.

Small substitutions or things off  “the list”  here and there aren’t the end of the world. Don’t sweat it. Just brush it off and start again. Once you know what your body reacts to, you’ll be able to scale your food to your needs accordingly.

Try something new. Experiment in the kitchen. Take a leap, make a change. You just might surprise yourself.

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