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Orange Basil Salad

Did you guys catch my most recent roundup post about 15 healthy and easy paleo summer recipes? I was actually inspired to create that post after I came up with this orange basil salad recipe, because it’s been so blasted hot here recently, it’s like living in a furnace.

All I want to do is eat easy, cold things that require minimal cooking. Does anyone else feel like when they walk outside, they’re just going to melt into the sidewalk and no one will ever know what happened to you? No, just me?

As a result of this need to stay indoors and practice the art of Sitting Very Still and also the art of Not Turning On The Oven, I created a few new easy summertime recipes myself to share with you, and then put together the roundup post – which IS for you, but is also for me, so I have a go-to resource when I don’t feel like cooking, or sweating just to prepare my food.

Today I’m sharing one of the recipes I created, an orange basil salad. I’m a little bit in love with this salad. It’s bright and fresh, and the combination of the basil and dressing provide the perfect contrast to the oranges.

It’s the perfect side dish to bring to a cookout, too! Or, be like me, and just grab a fork and snack on it while standing in front of the open fridge. Because it’s too hot to go outside and attend a cookout anyway.

Speaking of things I’m in love with, remember my love affair with Wicked Spatula’s edible chocolate chip cookie dough? Well, aside from cookie dough, Lauren’s site has tons of great recipes and resources on it. Her recipes are mostly paleo and healthy, with a few splurges now and again – a girl after my own heart.

So, I am sharing this orange basil salad recipe with you today, but as a guest post over on Wicked Spatula! you’ll need to hop on over there to check it out and get the deets. I hope you enjoy it, and also enjoy not sweating while prepping your summertime meals.

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